Judgments Based in Truth

I am nearing a period in my life where I had imagined the time and effort put forth while in prison would help me transition to a life outside of prison.  Instead, I find myself facing a whole other challenge.  Reaching out to others in an attempt tp prove my innocence is not where I thought I would be right now.  However, it is a reality I have to deal with.  Am I salty at this new set of circumstances?  Yes, but I manage these emotions and move forward.

It has been my experience there are those who will mock, ignore or criticize every and anything I say, do, or write. Overtime, that will be their loss.

For those of you who read this with honest intent; there is a lot which has been said about what I have done in and with my life.  I look back on many decisions with degrees of regret.  None more than having taken a man’s life. How I view this and other events in my life has constantly evolved with time.  The characterization that I’m incapable of empthany and understanding of the pain I have caused is nothing more than misinformation.  So are the assertions that I have spent my time in prison learning to be a a smarter, more devious criminal.  The rhetoric is designed to dehumanize me and fuel outrage.

I take ownership and wear the weight of my wrongs, I will not passively wear those that are not of my doing. On the same token, I am not in fear of being judged. I merely ask that you do so based on truth.  Is that too much to ask for?

To close, I would like to share a paper


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