Counterfeit things

There is a two to four week lag between the time a write an entry and the time it is posted.  At present, we are in the midst of the holiday season.  With this in mind, there are people to whom I owe a great deal of gratitude.  I am fortunate to have friends that help me in different facets of my life. Without them, life would be far more difficult.  Those of you know who you are. Thank you.

As to happenings this week:

  •  Received some records I had been seeking for quite some time. It goes to show that some of my efforts are beginning to pay dividends.
  • Addressed some of the items on my ever present and dreaded “To Do List”
  • Kept up with my exercise
  • Completed two drawings
  • Set some realistic goals for 2016

It feels good to look back on the week and say I accomplished something. A toast to continuing this trend.

Next week, I will pull up my sleeves and cover my post-conviction affairs.

To close, I want to share a quote I encountered doing my research,

Truth and falsehood, it has been well said, are not always opposed to each other like black and white, but oftentimes, and by design are made to resemble each other so as to be hardly distinguishable; just as the counterfeit thing is counterfeit because it resembles the genuine thing.” – Sir Anthony Cleasby  (English jurist, 1871)



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