Monthly Archives: February 2016

Breaking Insanity

There are times when it becomes necessary to evaluate one’s methodology; filter through your mistakes, take what you’ve learned and reboot.  Otherwise, you’ll only continue to get the same results.  Going forward this thought process will be reflected in my actions and this site’s content in an effort to more effectively communicate what is being done in real time and what still needs to be done.

Some of the lack of progress is a result of my own doing.  For some reason, I envisioned things righting themselves on their own.  *shakes head* I could not have been more wrong.

In my attempts to prove my innocence, I’ve often made the right strides only to find myself overwhelmed by the litigation and slowed by the lack of legal insight. Also, there are the obstacles presented by living in prison; where often getting through each day is an accomplishment unto itself.  However, these are merely excuses.  Now I need to overcome them and all the banana peels that get thrown down along the way.

The last five years have taught me many hard learned lessons.  Rather contradictory, some of what I learned is that I can not do everything alone nor can I blindly rely upon any one individual.  In turn, I ask for your advice and/or questions.  In coming weeks I hope to use or address your feedback.

-Daniel Malak