The story up to now….

If you’d like to read the background on why Daniel deserves a new trial you can read that here.  What you should gather from it is simply this:

Daniel’s court appointed lawyer, Paul Gruner, didn’t represent his client’s interest.   There are several instances provided where that is apparent from persons perjuring themselves to the lack of investigations.

In the Discovery ID program the DA (I believe it was the DA though I could be wrong..I’ll go back and look) even admits that there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Daniel without a corroborating witness, which they found in Chris Cain.   Did Cain receive anything in return for his testimony?  Why didn’t he come forward with this information earlier?

Didn’t anyone think it was odd that the police records from 1996 say one thing but, after Barsky confesses the stories from the State Trooper and others who were interviewed on the record in 1996 changed to match what was said by Alexander Barsky?

These are just a few instances of inconsistencies that are actually relevant in Daniel’s conviction.


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5 thoughts on “The story up to now….

  1. Hoax Breaker says:

    The few things that I couldn’t understand are:
    1) If Daniel is this insane nutcase with a violent behavior, why would the Martin family allowed Joe to hang out with him? So they only saw him as the lifeless devil after he was convicted but before that, he was this guy next door and family friend.

    2) Daniel was said to be like a big brother to Joe and yet he would kill Joe just because Alex Barsky said so. What’s more, over a few ridiculously petty stuff, he would take away the life of his best friend? That is ridiculous

    3) Daniel killed George Allison because he needed a car. He couldnt explain why he cant just carjack it? There’s a huge gap between stealing a car and a murder in terms of punishment. Why would he risk it all? He could still have gotten the car anyway if he wants to. Afterall, he is holding the upperhand in that situation isnt it? If George Allison had fought him inspite of the fact that he was holding a dangerous weapon, then this could be understood as a rash action in the heat of the situation or else, it’s just another horse shit.

    4) Barsky conveniently after making so much effort in hiding everything, decided to reveal everything as if to provide a happy ending to the story. What’s more, he conveniently left a piece of cloth so that he can lead the police to discover it. If he had been trying to conceal his guilt, why would he leave such a mark just to remember it? Ridiculous

    Rarely I see a case with so many inconsistencies. I hope real justice is served. It does not mean Daniel is an innocent bystander. There’s a bigger dirt.

    • Truthy Magee says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! I will be sure to read it to Daniel when we speak next.

      • Disgusting says:

        At least you get to speak to Daniel. Think about joeys family how they can never hug kiss speak to or see his smile ever again. and you want him out if prison? If your one of the few who wants Daniel alive than just be thankful you get to talk to him, to see him, to say goodbye. Instead of trying to free a violent murderer. He’s gotta pay for his disgusting crimes. He deserves everything he got and worse.

    • Carrie Donnelly says:

      You ask the question why was Joey allowed to be friends with such a monster, all monsters are able to hide their scary faces, we were all young and I’m sure everyone regrets Mallek ever being around. You ask how someone could kill their best friend, well please answer me then how a mother can kill her child….it happens people are crazy in the head and do unexplainable things. I’ve never seen or heard anything where Daniel has ever said he was sorry or felt bad that he killed Joey, he never showed any remorse for the older man he killed. Helll back when we were in elementary school I remember him being thrown out of school for his violent behavior, now really back then you had to do some serious crap to get kicked out, that’s how bad he was even early on. He is better off staying in jail he needs to pay for his crimes if he’s so sorry now let him sit there every day of his life feeling guilt at least he’s alive that’s more than I can say for Joey and the older gentleman he murdered!

  2. Victoria Kirshy Meadows says:

    He’s guilty!!!! He wants a new trial, not, Joe wasn’t given the first one. He and Alex were Joes, judge, jury and executioner!!!!!!! Let Dan and Alex Rot!

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