The website is UP!



After months debating with Daniel if we should have a webpage or not we finally decided to get everything together and get one up.  This blog is a part of it, so if you’re finding the blog from the website THANK YOU for taking the time to look.  If you’ve found the blog just by luck.. GO LOOK AT THE WEBSITE!

The blog will be updated as things happen.

Currently, Daniel and his appointed lawyer are still working towards his appeal for the 2010 conviction.

We don’t really have any delusions that this is going to be anything but an uphill battle.  What would really be helpful right now is if anyone in the area wouldn’t mind looking at a few newspaper archives for a few news articles (I can provide you with the date range and know which library they are at).

If you want to do that, let me know, and I’ll see about reimbursing you for gas etc.

For now, please keep sending positive energy and thoughts our way.




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4 thoughts on “The website is UP!

  1. Carrie Donnelly says:

    I went to school with both Daniel and Joey, Daniel was always a cruel, mean person, constantly getting in trouble and hiring others. Joey though sometimes misguided was a sweet, caring person who would do anything for anyone. It was such a shock and shame to hear about Joey’s disappearance and everyone that knew him thought the same that something terrible happened to him. It was no surprise to me when Daniel finally admitted his guilt in killing Joey, honestly I always believed he did it. I believe Joey’s friends and families have been through enough! This website should have to taken down its a direct insult to Joeys family and friends and complete bull crap! There are few times that I believe in the death penalty, but with malak it’s one of the times I wish nys had the death penalty, I mean seriously it wasn’t enough for them to kill Joey but them they spread his remains everywhere making it impossible to give him a proper burial, I hope Joey is resting in peace and not turning over in his grave!

  2. Disgusting says:

    I agree. I knew Alex and dan. its sickening that there’s s website trying to free a killer. He murdered Joey and deserves to be where he is if not worse. Think about the dead boys family and friends who can never see him again or got the chance to say goodbye. I understand Daniels family wants him out but his choices put him there. Accept it. He deserves every min he spends in jail and deserves to be beat in the head with a pipe. Eye for an eye. Then his family will know how it really feels to loose him.

    • Dominic says:

      If you want to think about Joey and his family than go visit his Facebook memorial or whatever. This page is to deal with Dan Malak and the inconsistancies in his prosecution. It’s a real shame that people like you have to come here with your idiotic statements and claims of personal knowledge. You talk about the death penalty. Does it ever cross that little mind of yours that maybe Dan’s parents read this page. What about his parents feelings? Do you think they want to read some nameless, faceless coward calling for the state sanctioned murder of their son? Obviously you are attention seeking or simply a troll, in either case…go to a Joey website and gnash your teeth over there and leave this page. This page is to deal with the corruption of justice in the Dan Malak case…not a place for someone like you to come yabble about things you know nothing about.

      • Truthy Magee says:

        I respect everyone’s comments. I don’t mind when someone views things negatively, however I would like it if people substantiated their negative comments in reality. As is often the case, when someone wants to believe something they are going to believe it regardless of what evidence they are presented with. Most importantly, I want like this to be a place to start that conversation. If you’re going to cast criticism please identify what your feelings are predicated off of and if it is from facts, what are they?

        To those of you who are at least open, thank you, let’s use this opportunity to push the conversation forward.


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