Things as they stand…

Currently; Daniel Malak is serving a combined total of 35-life at Green Haven Correctional Facility.  He passes his time working on his appeal, working out and drawing.  He will go to the parole board in 2032.

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One thought on “Things as they stand…

  1. shannon says:

    So, he’s trying to get a new trail, cause he didn’t have a fair trial. Let me ask this, did Joey have a fair life? Or was his life taken away by two of his so called friends? I’ve seen or heard of mistakes, in the system. But didn’t he confess? I tried following the story, reading what I could, and I have missed or even forgotten what of some of the things I read, as this story touches my life and friends of Joey and I’ve tried staying with it thru the years, but as stated didn’t he confess? What is he feeling bad, does he fell bad abut what happened to Joey? Where does he fit in this? Or should we forget? We can’t bring Joey back nothing will, but its basically saying his killer should be free, that what your saying. Why should be get to live a free and happy life? Did Joey get that opportunity?
    He chose to do the things he has done, that had led to where he is today, as do we all. And I do believe we ask make mistakes, big and small. And those mistakes shouldn’t make us, but I can’t call murder a mistake. How can anyone? Oops, I didn’t mean to, it don’t work that way.
    He made these choices, maybe should have thought about it than, now pay for your crime. People say they wish ny had death penalty I don’t, that’s easy way out. Make them sit there and deal with the thought of what they did. Yes, us tax payers have to pay fir those in prison, but you did the crime now do the time.

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